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MULTEXT-East free lexicons 4.0

  title={MULTEXT-East free lexicons 4.0},
  author={T. Erjavec and S. Bruda and Ivan Derzhanski and Ludmila Dimitrova and R. Garab{\'i}k and Peter Holozan and Nancy Ide and Heiki-Jaan Kaalep and N. Kotsyba and Csaba Oravecz and Vladim{\'i}r Petkevic and Greg Priest-Dorman and I. Shevchenko and Kiril Simov and L. Sinapova and H. Steenwijk and L. Tihanyi and D. Tufis and J. V{\'e}ronis},
The MULTEXT-East morphosyntactic lexicons have a simple structure, where each line is a lexical entry with three tab-separated fields: (1) the word-form, the inflected form of the word; (2) the lemma, the base-form of the word; (3) the MSD, the morphosyntactic description of the word-form, i.e., its fine-grained PoS tag, as defined in the MULTEXT-East morphosyntactic specifications. This submission contains the freely available MULTEXT-East lexicons, while a separate submission (http://hdl… Expand
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