MTL Annual Research Report 2004-2005

  title={MTL Annual Research Report 2004-2005},
  author={Hansen Bow and Jie Fu and J Han and C F Chou and Robert H Austin and Olgica Bakajin and Jonas O. Tegenfeldt and Judith Castelino and Shirley S. W. Chan and Edward C. Cox and H. Craighead and Nina Darnton and Tom Duke and S. Turner and Jan and Pan Mao and J. Calvin Giddings and Elisabeth Kucera and Christopher M. P. Russell and Matt Myers},
In the past decade, microfabricated devices have been developed that can separate, detect, and analyze various biomolecules [1]. In contrast to the sieving gels that are historically used in these studies, microfabricated devices are precisely designed and constructed. The deterministic structure of these devices facilitates experiment design and testing of theory. Periodic nanofilter arrays have been shown to separate DNA from 100 bp to 10 kbp [2]. These nanofilters consist of a regular… CONTINUE READING