MTERF factors: a multifunction protein family.

  title={MTERF factors: a multifunction protein family.},
  author={Marina Roberti and Paola Loguercio Polosa and Francesco Bruni and Stefania Deceglie and Maria Nicola Gadaleta and Palmiro Cantatore},
  journal={Biomolecular concepts},
  volume={1 2},
The MTERF family is a large protein family, identified in metazoans and plants, which consists of four subfamilies, MTERF1, 2, 3 and 4. Mitochondrial localisation was predicted for the vast majority of MTERF family members and demonstrated for the characterised MTERF proteins. The main structural feature of MTERF proteins is the presence of a modular architecture, based on repetitions of a 30-residue module, the mTERF motif, containing leucine zipper-like heptads. The MTERF family includes… CONTINUE READING