MRI of soft tissue masses of the hand and wrist.

  title={MRI of soft tissue masses of the hand and wrist.},
  author={James L. Teh and Graham Whiteley},
  journal={The British journal of radiology},
  volume={80 949},
The vast majority of soft tissue mass lesions of the wrist and hand are benign [1, 2]. In practice, the most common lesions encountered are ganglia. The most frequently seen solid masses include giant cell tumours of tendon sheath (GCTTS), lipomas, Dupuytrens contractures, nerve sheath tumours, glomus tumours, haemangioma/vascular malformations and synovial pathology. In general MRI is unable to differentiate between benignity and malignancy, but in many circumstances a specific diagnosis may… CONTINUE READING


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