MRI of postoperative maxillary cysts.


OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to review the MR characteristics of postoperative maxillary cysts (POMC). MATERIALS AND METHODS The MR findings in 24 patients with 38 surgically confirmed POMC were retrospectively reviewed. RESULTS Of 32 cysts detected by MRI, 31 cysts (96.9%) were well demarcated. Nineteen cysts (59.4%) were smooth and the… (More)


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@article{Isoda1993MRIOP, title={MRI of postoperative maxillary cysts.}, author={Haruo Isoda and Y Takehara and Toshihiko Masui and Atsuhito Seki and Megumi Takahashi and Michio Kaneko}, journal={Journal of computer assisted tomography}, year={1993}, volume={17 4}, pages={572-5} }