MRI atlas of the human cerebellar nuclei.

  title={MRI atlas of the human cerebellar nuclei.},
  author={A. Dimitrova and Jochen Weber and Christoph Redies and Kerstin Kindsvater and Matthias Maschke and Florian P. Kolb and Michael Forsting and Hans Christoph Diener and Dagmar Timmann},
  volume={17 1},
The differential role of the cerebellar cortex and nuclei has rarely been addressed in human lesion and functional brain imaging studies. One important reason is the difficulty of defining the localization of the cerebellar nuclei and extent of possible lesions based on CT or MR scans. The present MRI investigation was specifically designed to study the anatomy of the deep cerebellar nuclei. In both basal ganglia and cerebellar nuclei of healthy human subjects the amount of iron is high… CONTINUE READING
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