MRI Reconstruction Using Discrete Fourier Transform : A tutorial

  title={MRI Reconstruction Using Discrete Fourier Transform : A tutorial},
  author={Abiodun Musa Aibinu and Momoh Jimoh Emiyoka Salami and Amir Akramin Shafie and Athaur Rahman Najeeb},
The use of Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform (IDFT) implemented in the form of Inverse Fourier Transform (IFFT) is one of the standard method of reconstructing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) from uniformly sampled K-space data. In this tutorial, three of the major problems associated with the use of IFFT in MRI reconstruction are highlighted. The tutorial also gives brief introduction to MRI physics; MRI system from instrumentation point of view; K-space signal and the process of IDFT and… CONTINUE READING


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