MRCP in patient care: a prospective survey of gastroenterologists.

  title={MRCP in patient care: a prospective survey of gastroenterologists.},
  author={M. Fatih Akisik and Samuel Gregory Jennings and Alex M. Aisen and Stuart T Sherman and G A Cot{\'e} and Kumaresan Sandrasegaran and Temel A Tirkes},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={201 3},
OBJECTIVE MRCP is increasingly used to evaluate pancreaticobiliary disease, yet its effect on patient care is unknown. The purpose of this study was to measure the effect of MRCP on referring physicians' initial diagnoses, the physicians' confidence in their diagnoses, and the influence of MRCP results on clinical management. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We prospectively surveyed gastroenterologists who referred patients for nonurgent MRCP for pancreaticobiliary evaluation. Before MRCP… CONTINUE READING