MR staging of bladder carcinoma: correlation with pathologic findings.

  title={MR staging of bladder carcinoma: correlation with pathologic findings.},
  author={J. N. Buy and Albert A. Moss and Claude Guinet and Michel A. Ghossain and Luce Malbec and Lionel Arriv{\'e} and Dominique Vadrot},
  volume={169 3},
Forty patients with bladder carcinoma were examined preoperatively by means of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. In all patients, total cystectomy with enterocystoplasty and pelvic node dissection was performed. The surgical and pathologic findings were correlated with the MR findings. Extension through the deep muscle of the bladder wall was present in 20 of the 40 patients and was diagnosed with a sensitivity of 95% and a specificity of 95%. Extension to perivesical fat was present in 18 of 40… CONTINUE READING


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