MR perfusion studies with T1-weighted echo planar imaging.

  title={MR perfusion studies with T1-weighted echo planar imaging.},
  author={Kenneth K. Kwong and David A. Chesler and Robert M. Weisskoff and Kathleen M. Donahue and Tracy L Davis and Leif Ostergaard and Thomas A Campbell and Bruce R. Rosen},
  journal={Magnetic resonance in medicine},
  volume={34 6},
The T1 perfusion model has worked well in brain functional studies where flow changes are measured. Using selective and nonselective inversion pulses, a new method has been developed to study steady-state brain blood flow. The authors obtained flow-sensitive images using selective inversion and flow-insensitive images using nonselective inversion. Subtraction of flow-insensitive images from flow-sensitive images gave us flow-weighted images with good gray-white flow contrast in cortical gray… CONTINUE READING
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