MR of mandibular invasion in patients with oral and oropharyngeal malignant neoplasms.

  title={MR of mandibular invasion in patients with oral and oropharyngeal malignant neoplasms.},
  author={Tae-Sub Chung and David M. Yousem and H M Seigerman and B N Schlakman and G Weinstein and Richard E. Hayden},
  journal={AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology},
  volume={15 10},
PURPOSE To investigate whether MR imaging is an accurate means of assessing mandibular invasion in patients with carcinoma. METHODS We retrospectively studied the MR scans of 22 patients with pathologic or surgical confirmation of mandibular invasion from oral and oropharyngeal cancers. The MR images were blindly analyzed using primary criteria of: (a) cortical breakdown, (b) replacement of bone marrow fat, or (c) gadopentetate dimeglumine enhancement of a mass at the bone marrow defect… CONTINUE READING
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