MR imaging of spastic diplegia. The importance of corpus callosum.

  title={MR imaging of spastic diplegia. The importance of corpus callosum.},
  author={Katsumi Hayakawa and Toyoko Kanda and Keitaro Hashimoto and Yuri Okuno and Yuriko Yamori and Makoto Yuge and Ryoichi Ando and Nobuhiro Ozaki and Alyson Tamamoto},
  journal={Acta radiologica},
  volume={37 5},
PURPOSE The MR findings in patients with spastic diplegia were investigated and the role of MR imaging in assessing the extent of brain injury was evaluated. MATERIAL AND METHODS 39 male and 24 female patients (preterm/term 43/20) were imaged using a 0.5 T MR system. RESULTS The MR findings in term patients were quite different from those in preterm patients; 55% of the term patients showed normal and minimal changes on MR, whereas 90.7% of the 43 preterm children had periventricular… CONTINUE READING

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