MR imaging of normal nasal cycle: comparison with sinus pathology.

  title={MR imaging of normal nasal cycle: comparison with sinus pathology.},
  author={S. James Zinreich and David W Kennedy and A. John Sanjeev Kumar and Arthur E. Rosenbaum and John A. Arrington and Michael M. E. Johns},
  journal={Journal of computer assisted tomography},
  volume={12 6},
Sequential MR examinations of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses were performed within a 6-8 h period in five normal volunteers. The nasal mucosal volume and signal intensities (T2 weighted) were shown to alternate from one side to the other during this period. When a topical vasoconstrictor was applied, this cycle was interrupted. These cyclical changes were limited to the mucosa of the turbinates, nasal cavity, and ethmoid sinus, representative of the nasal cycle. The maxillary, frontal… CONTINUE READING