MR imaging of benign peripheral nerve sheath tumors.


In a retrospective, nonblind review of MR imaging of 15 benign peripheral nerve neoplasms in 13 patients, the signal pattern of the tumors (including contrast-enhanced images) and stage were assessed. One lesion was subcutaneous, 9 intramuscular, 2 intermuscular and 3 extracompartmental. One lesion was located to the trunk, 5 to the upper extremity and 9 to… (More)


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@article{Sderlund1994MRIO, title={MR imaging of benign peripheral nerve sheath tumors.}, author={Veli S{\"{o}derlund and H{\aa}kan G{\"{o}ranson and Henrik C. F. Bauer}, journal={Acta radiologica}, year={1994}, volume={35 3}, pages={282-6} }