MR imaging and CT of pituitary abscess: case report and review.

  title={MR imaging and CT of pituitary abscess: case report and review.},
  author={Masanori Kabuto and Hiroshi Kobayashi and Hiroaki Takeuchi and Takeshi Kubota and Takao Nakagawa and Toshiaki Kodera},
  journal={Neurological research},
  volume={18 6},
Pituitary abscess is a rare disorder. However, preoperative diagnosis is important to prevent a cranial approach leading to severe meningitis. A case of a 55 year-old woman with pituitary abcess is reported. The patient was admitted with a several-week history of frontal headache and no signs of inflammation. Computed tomographic (CT) scan showed a slightly low-density suprasellar expanding mass lesion with an enhanced thin wall in the pituitary region. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a… CONTINUE READING
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