MQD—Multiplex-Quadrature Detection in Multi-Dimensional NMR


With multiplex-quadrature detection (MQD) the tasks of coherence selection and quadrature separation in N-dimensional heteronuclear NMR experiments are merged. Thus the number of acquisitions required to achieve a desired resolution in the indirect dimensions is significantly reduced. The minimum number of transients per indirect data point, which have to be combined to give pure-phase spectra, is thus decreased by a factor (3/4)(N-1). This reduction is achieved without adjustable parameters. We demonstrate the advantage by MQD 3D HNCO and HCCH-TOCSY spectra affording the same resolution and the same per-scan sensitivity as standard phase-cycled ones, but obtained in only 56 % of the usual time and by resolution improvements achieved in the same amount of time.

DOI: 10.1002/cphc.201100525

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