MPath 2 PN-Translating metabolic pathways into Petri nets

  title={MPath 2 PN-Translating metabolic pathways into Petri nets},
  author={Paolo Baldan and Nicoletta Cocco and Francesco De Nes and Merc{\`e} Llabr{\'e}s Segura and Andrea Marin and Marta Simeoni},
We propose MPath2PN, a tool which automatically translates metabolic pathways, as described in the major biological databases, into corresponding Petri net representations. The aim is to allow for a systematic reuse, in the setting of metabolic pathways, of the variety of tools existing for Petri net analysis and simulation. The current prototype implementation of MPath2PN inputs the KEGG description of a metabolic pathway and produces two Petri nets, mainly differing for the treatment of… CONTINUE READING