MPPNet: Multi-Frame Feature Intertwining with Proxy Points for 3D Temporal Object Detection

  title={MPPNet: Multi-Frame Feature Intertwining with Proxy Points for 3D Temporal Object Detection},
  author={Xu Chen and Shaoshuai Shi and Benjin Zhu and Ka Chun Cheung and Hang Xu and Hongsheng Li},
. Accurate and reliable 3D detection is vital for many applications including autonomous driving vehicles and service robots. In this paper, we present a flexible and high-performance 3D detection framework, named MPPNet, for 3D temporal object detection with point cloud sequences. We propose a novel three-hierarchy framework with proxy points for multi-frame feature encoding and interactions to achieve better detection. The three hierarchies conduct per-frame feature encoding, short-clip… 

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    2018 IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
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