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MPGDs for TPCs at future lepton colliders

  title={MPGDs for TPCs at future lepton colliders},
  author={Alain Bellerive and J. Kaminski and Peter M. Lewis and Pauline Colas and Ralf Diener and Peter Kluit and Ronald Dean Settles and Jan Timmermans and Maxim Titov and Andreas Loschcke Centeno and Christian Wessel and Oskar Hartbrich and Sven E. Vahsen and C. Marinas and Huirong Qi and Zhiyong Zhang},
This submission will focus on advancements and advantages of Micro Pattern Gas Detector (MPGD) technologies and their applications to the construction of a dedicated Time Projection Chamber (TPC) that can serve as an excellent main tracker for any multipurpose detector that can be foreseen to operate at a future lepton collider. The first portion of the report will be the executive summary. It will be followed by sections detailing the applications of MPGDs specifically to the construction of… 

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