MOTEL : Towards Flexible Mobile Wireless Sensor Network Testbeds

  title={MOTEL : Towards Flexible Mobile Wireless Sensor Network Testbeds},
  author={Alexander F{\"o}rster and Anna F{\"o}rster and Tiziano Leidi and Kamini Garg and Daniele Puccinelli and Frederick Ducatelle and Silvia Giordano and Luca Maria Gambardella},
In this paper, we propose a novel architecture for wireless sensor network testbeds, called MOTEL. The main novelty compared to existing architectures is the possibility to include mobile sensor nodes. To support mobility, we deal with two main challenges: controlled mobility of sensor nodes, and the need to operate sensor nodes in the absence of a backchannel. We address these challenges together with traditional testbed requirements such as experiment repeatability, on-node logging, debugging… CONTINUE READING

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