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MOS: A Low Latency and Lightweight Framework for Face Detection, Landmark Localization, and Head Pose Estimation

  title={MOS: A Low Latency and Lightweight Framework for Face Detection, Landmark Localization, and Head Pose Estimation},
  author={Yepeng Liu and Zaiwang Gu and Shenghua Gao and Dong Wang and Yu Zeng and Jun Cheng},
With the emergence of service robots and surveillance cameras, dynamic face recognition (DFR) in wild has received much attention in recent years. Face detection and head pose estimation are two important steps for DFR. Very often, the pose is estimated after the face detection. However, such sequential computations lead to higher latency. In this paper, we propose a low latency and lightweight network for simultaneous face detection, landmark localization and head pose estimation. Inspired by… 

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