author={Iggy Roca},
Spanish nonverbal primary stress exhibits two (independent) dichotomies: final vs. penultimate, and penultimate vs. antepenultimate. In Roca (1990a) I derive the unmarked penultimate stress from level 0 and level l rightheaded constituency, coupled with extrametricality of the 'desinence' (although invariably stressless, this special rightmost morpheme induces three syllable window effects and must therefore be included in the stress domain). Final stress falls out of the regulär procedure in… 
Paradigmaticity effects in Spanish verb stress
Although much of what has been written on Spanish verb stress shares the intuition that it depends on the interaction of phonological and morphological factors, its study is hindered by the fact that
The interaction of subsyllabic encoding and stress assignment: A new examination of an old problem in Spanish
A controversial debate in Spanish regarding the interaction of syllable weight and stress placement is examined, showing that traditional representations of weight fail to predict the differential modulation of stress placement by rising versus falling diphthongs in Spanish nonce forms.
Spanish stress assignment within the analogical modeling of language
The advent of nonlinear phonology has resulted in an explosion of studies relating to Spanish syllable structure and stress placement, but most of these studies claim to represent linguistic
On the sources of word prosody
In SPE (Chomsky & Halle 1968), stress was formalised as a distinctive feature, on a par with [consonantal], [continuant] and so on. Serious problems with this approach were pinpointed in Liberman &
The prosodic system of the Basque dialect of Getxo: a metrical analysis
In this paper, the accentual system of the western Basque dialect spoken in Getxo is studied in detail. In this system, there is a lexical opposition between accented andpreaccenting morphemes, on
A Sympathetic Approach to Stress in Spanish Ipsiradical Sets1 'work' 'I work' 'visit' 's/he visits' can.te 'song' can.te 'I sing (subjunctive)' The verb forms in (1) except for cante are present indicative. The members of
A Sympathetic Approach to Stress in Spanish Ipsiradical Sets (音韻論フォーラム1999(1999年9月2〜4日於東京都立大学))
In Spanish, there are many verb / nominal pairs which share the same root morpheme and are segmentally identical as well. Harris 1992 dubs these pairs "ipsiradical sets". Although members of the
The Delayed Naming Task, Phonological Preparation Time, and the Three-syllable Stress Window in Spanish
Abstract:The current study presents the delayed naming task as an effective tool for testing the robustness of phonotactic constraints. A delayed naming task was employed to test for quantity
The evolution of the written accentuation system in Spanish since 1726
Douglass (1988) examines Greek and Roman precursors and early uses of written accentuation in Spanish, tracing its development to 1726, and the first Diccionario de Autoridades from the Real Academia
Stress-by-Structure in Spanish
It is proposed that foot boundaries are projected from certain functional heads in Spanish and this makes crucial reference to the internal syntactic structure of words.


We can find in the study of primary word stress in Spanish (henceforth simply 'stress') aparticularreflectionof a familiär generalphenomenon. Thisis thatnew developments in linguistic theory often
Diachrony and synchrony in word stress
  • Iggy Roca
  • Linguistics
    Journal of Linguistics
  • 1990
It is suggested that the preferred paroxytone stress in native forms with penultimate closed syllables must be formalized as a lexical prohibition on extrametricality markings in the given environments.
Spanish diphthongisation and stress: a paradox resolved
At the level of description, this study is concerned with the interaction of the rules of stress assignment in Spanish with rules governing the alternation of certain vowels with diphthongs. The
An essay on stress
An Essay on Stress presents a universal theory for the characterization of the stress patterns of words and phrases encountered in the languages of the world. The heart of the theory is constituted
The accentual patterns of verb paradigms in Spanish
Verb movement, universal grammar and the structure of IP
Syntaxe comparative de l'anglais et de l'espagnol dans le cadre de la theorie des barrieres
The stress erasure convention and cliticization in Spanish
Theoretical implications of Spanish word stress
Spanish Phonology
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Stress and Syllables in Spanish
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