MOOCs for K-12 and Higher Education in Taiwan


According to the phenomenon of MOOCs gained widespread exposure in the U. S. academic world, the infusion of MOOCs into traditional education has become a new trend in Taiwan since 2013. By February 2016, more than 170,000 learners have registered for various MOOC Chinese course platforms, and these platforms have collected more than 500 MOOC Chinese courses. Given that large number of partners and registers are using various MOOC Chinese course platforms, MOOCs have greatly affected education in Taiwan. Besides the government-funding projects, the industry in Taiwan also devoted to the development of MOOCs through providing free MOOCs platforms. The cooperation among industry and government have focused on reforming the spirit of Taiwan's education by applying MOOC courses at all education levels to realize flipped classroom. Observing the MOOCs movement in Taiwan, MOOCs pose a new means of self-regulated learning from K-12 education to higher education levels.

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