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  title={MOOCS GONE WILD},
  author={Sandra Sanchez-Gordon and Sergio Luj{\'a}n-Mora},
MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have been around since 2008, when 2,300 students took part in a course called “Connectivism and Connective Knowledge” organized by University of Manitoba, Canada. The year 2012 was widely recognized as “The year of the MOOC”, because several MOOC initiatives gained a world-wide popularity. Nowadays, many experts consider MOOCs a “revolution in education”. However, other experts think is too soon to make such a claim since MOOCs still have to prove they are… 

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eleed, Iss. 10 - Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) bezeichnen Kurse, die online stattfinden und auf Grund fehlender Zugangsbeschrankungen und kostenfreien Zugangs sehr hohe Teilnehmerzahlen

MOOCs: Massive Open Online Courses. EUA Occasional Papers.

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