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MOND and asymptotic safe gravity

  title={MOND and asymptotic safe gravity},
  author={Bijan Bagchi and Sauvik Sen},
: The modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND) paradigm is discussed in the context of asymptotic safe gravity. We estimate quantum correction to the logarithmic potential which is well known to account for the constancy of the circular velocity v of the spiral galaxies. We determine plausible bounds on v . 



Dark matter or strong gravity?

We show that Newton’s gravitational potential, augmented by a logarithmic term, partly or wholly mitigates the need for dark matter. As a bonus, it also explains why MOND seems to work at galactic

Black hole thermodynamics in asymptotically safe gravity

We have investigated the black hole thermodynamics and the phase transition for renormalized group improved asymptotically safe Schwarzschild black hole. This geometry takes into account the quantum

Principles Of Cosmology And Gravitation

COSMOGRAPHY What the universe contains The cosmic distance hierarchy and the determination of galactic densities The red shift and the expansion of the universe PHYSICAL BASIS OF GENERAL RELATIVITY


The findings reveal that, despite no prior training and noisy sensory measurements, ASTRO drones are able to learn the propagation environment in the scale of seconds and localize a target with a mean accuracy of 8 m.

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Understanding the Fundamental Constituents of Matter


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Dark matter or strong gravity ? XXV International school of theoretical physics ” Particles and Astrophysics - Standard Models and Beyond ” - Ustroń , Poland ( 20010 . [ 23 ] R . Bonetto

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