MOMFER: A Search Engine of Thompson's Motif-Index of Folk Literature

  title={MOMFER: A Search Engine of Thompson's Motif-Index of Folk Literature},
  author={Folgert Karsdorp and Marten van der Meulen and Th. Meder and Antal van den Bosch},
  pages={37 - 52}
More than fifty years after the first edition of Thompson's seminal Motif-Indexof Folk Literature, we present an online search engine tailored to fully disclose the index digitally. This search engine, called MOMFER, greatly enhances the searchability of the Motif-Index and provides exciting new ways to explore the collection. This is enabled by our use of modern techniques from both natural language processing and information retrieval. The key feature of the search tool is the way in which it… 

Learning a Better Motif Index: Toward Automated Motif Extraction

This short paper proposes that it is possible to automate the extraction of both existing and new motifs from narratives using supervised learning techniques and thereby possible to learn a computational model of how folklorists determine motifs, and proposes several initial computational, supervised approaches.

Of lions and Yakshis

How an ontology can assist traditional Humanities research in examining how well Propp’s theory fits for folktales outside of the Russian-European folktale culture is investigated and carefully modelled ontologies can be utilized as a knowledge base for comparative folklore research.

Folktale similarity based on ontological abstraction Marijn Schraagen Digital

Using WordNet instead of a domainspecific ontology or classification system ensures applicability of the method outside of the folktale domain, which is in agreement with traditional analysis for a certain amount of folktale pairs, but differ for other pairs.

The theoretical, methodological and technical issues of digital folklore databases and computational folkloristics

The study examines the problems and possibilities presented by the digitization of national folklore archives and collections in the wider context of folklore archiving and digital humanities. The

Folktale similarity based on ontological abstraction

Using WordNet instead of a domain-specific ontology or classification system ensures applicability of the method outside of the folktale domain and in agreement with traditional analysis for a certain amount of folktale pairs, but differs for other pairs.

Automatic Enrichment and Classification of Folktales in the Dutch Folktale Database

This paper describes the development of the Dutch Folktale Database as a digital archive of intangible heritage and a sophisticated research instrument. Current research focuses on automating the

Awakening the Mother Nature: The study of Motif-Index in Putri Tandampalik

Putri Tandampalik , a South Sulawesi tale, has recalled one of the major phenomena that long recited in the prose narrative. The main character, a royal princess, represents an idea that fitting into

Text as social and cultural data : a computational perspective on variation in text

Massive digital datasets, such as social media data, are a promising source to study social and cultural phenomena. They provide the opportunity to study language use and behavior in a variety of

What Can We Do Today With Old Records of Folk Belief? On the Example of Devil Lore

Abstract In the wake of recent demands for research serving society, old archived folklore records have been challenged as worthless except as material for a bonfire because most records lack enough

The Technological Developments of the Dutch Folktale Database (1994–2016)

L’any 1994, la base de dades holandesa de contes populars va comencar com una base de dades independent i es va posar en linia el 2004. Des de l’any 2016 i despres de dos projectes importants, tots



Linguistic and Semantic Representation of the Thompson's Motif-Index of Folk-Literature

With this resource, it is expected to be able to semiautomatically annotate digitised literary works at the sub-document level by means of automatically comparing the annotated Index with the results of text processing tools applied to those works, and so contribute to a better inter-textual interlinking and understanding of related works in the folkliterature.

Folktale Heroines and the Type and Motif Indexes

different from the ones we find in popular collections and Disney's productions. She points out that Grimm's complete collection of tales does contain strong heroines, though not to the extent she

In search of an appropriate abstraction level for motif annotations

The level of motif annotation utilized in the Aarne-Thompson-Uther folktale type catalogue is well suited to analyze two genres of folktales in terms of motif sequences, but for the other five genres in the catalogue the annotation level is not apt, because it is unable to bring to front the commonalities between stories.

Type- and motif-indices 1980-1995 : An inventory

The present article considers current trends in the documentation of narratives. Approximately seventy indices published during the last fifteen years are compared for contents and structure and are

Folk Traditions of the Arab World: A Guide to Motif Classification

Volume I Acknowledments A Note on Transliteration Introduction A Note on Data Presentations, Abbreviations, and Archival Materials Synopsis A. Mythological and Related Belief Motifs B. Animals C.

A motif-index of traditional Polynesian narratives,

This reference work analyzes and classifies the story themes of Polynesian myths, tales, and legends according to an internationally employed system developed by Stith Thompson in his Motif Index of

Motif-index of folk-literature : a classification of narrative elements in folk tales, ballads, myths, fables, mediaeval romances, exempla, fabliaux, jest-books, and local legends

"This monumental work has now become... the indispensable tool of all folk narrative scholars." Southern Folklore Quarterly"A work of this kind can never be quite complete, but in this work Stith

The motif-index and the tale type index : A critique

On reconnait que les six volumes d'indexation de la litterature populaire (Motif-Index of Folk-Literature) et les travaux de Aarne et Thompson constituent les meilleurs outils pour l'analyse des

Color Terms In Folk Tales: A Cross-Cultural Study

The relative salience of color terms in folk tales from forty cultures is examined in this study. The authors test the hypothesis that a significant, positive association exists between the relative

Folktales of Egypt

In this book Hasan M. El-Shamy has gathered the first authentic new collection of modern Egyptian folk narratives to appear in nearly a century. El-Shamy's English translations of these orally