MODFLOW/MT3DMS-based reactive multicomponent transport modeling.

  title={MODFLOW/MT3DMS-based reactive multicomponent transport modeling.},
  author={Henning Prommer and David Andrew Barry and Chunmiao Zheng},
  journal={Ground water},
  volume={41 2},
This paper presents a three-dimensional, MODFLOW/MT3DMS-based reactive multicomponent transport model for saturated porous media. Based on a split-operator technique, the model, referred to as PHT3D, couples the transport simulator MT3DMS and the geochemical modeling code PHREEQC-2. Through the flexible, generic nature of PHREEQC-2, PHT3D can handle a broad range of equilibrium and kinetically controlled reactive processes, including aqueous complexation, mineral precipitation/dissolution, and… CONTINUE READING

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International journal of environmental research and public health • 2018

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