MOA-2010-BLG-311: A Planetary Candidate below the Threshold of Reliable Detection

  title={MOA-2010-BLG-311: A Planetary Candidate below the Threshold of Reliable Detection},
  author={Jennifer C. Yee and L.-W. Hung and Ian A. Bond and W. Allen and L. A. G. Monard and Michael D. Albrow and Pascal Fouqu'e and Martin Dominik and Yiannis Tsapras and Andrzej Udalski and Andrew Gould and Robert Thomas Zellem and Machiel S. Bos and Grant Christie and Darren Lee Depoy and Subo Dong and Jack D. Drummond and B. Scott Gaudi and Evgeny Gorbikov and Cheongho Han and Shai Kaspi and Nico Klein and C.-U. Lee and Dan Maoz and J. Mccormick and David Moorhouse and Tim Natusch and Marta Nola and B.-G. Park and Richard William Pogge and David Polishook and Avi Shporer and Yossi Shvartzvald and Jan Skowron and Gillian Thornley and Fumio Abe and David Paul Bennett and Christine S. Botzler and Paul Robin Brian Chote and M. Freeman and Akihiko Fukui and Kei Furusawa and Philip B. Harris and Yoshitaka Itow and C. H. Ling and Kin-ichi Masuda and Yoshimi Matsubara and Noriko Miyake and K. Ohnishi and Nicholas James Rattenbury and To. Saito and Denis J. Sullivan and Takahiro Sumi and Daisuke Suzuki and Winston L. Sweatman and Paul J. Tristram and Koh Wada and P. C. M. Yock and Michał K Szymański and Igor Soszyński and Marcin Kubiak and Radosław Poleski and K. Ulaczyk and Grzegorz Pietrzy'nski and Lukasz Wyrzykowski and Etienne Bachelet and Ver{\'o}nica D{\'a}vila Batista and Thomas G. Beatty and J. P. Beaulieu and Clara S. Bennett and Rachel Bowens-Rubin and St{\'e}phane Brillant and John A. R. Caldwell and Arnaud Cassan and Andrew A. Cole and Ernesto Corrales and Ch. Coutures and Stefan W. Dieters and Dijana Dominis Prester and Jadzia Donatowicz and Jeff Greenhill and C. Michael B. Henderson and Daniel Kubas and J. B. Marquette and Roland Martin and John W. Menzies and Benjamin J. Shappee and Anna Williams and Denis Wouters and Jennifer L. van Saders and Marta Zub and Rachel A. Street and Keith Horne and Daniel M. Bramich and Iain A. Steele and Khalid A. Alsubai and Valerio Bozza and P. Browne and Martin Burgdorf and Sebastiano Calchi Novati and Patrick Charles Dodds and F. Finet and T. Gerner and S. Hardis and Kennet B. W. Harpsoe and Frederic V. Hessman and Tobias Cornelius Hinse and Markus Hundertmark and Uffe Gr{\aa}e J{\o}rgensen and No{\'e} Kains and Eamonn J. Kerins and Christoph Liebig and Luigi Mancini and Mie Mathiasen and Matthew T. Penny and S. Proft and Sohrab Rahvar and Davide Ricci and Kailash Chandra Sahu and Gaetano Scarpetta and S Schafer and Frederik Schonebeck and Colin Snodgrass and John Southworth and Jean Surdej and J. Wambsgans},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
  • Jennifer C. Yee, L.-W. Hung, +123 authors J. Wambsgans
  • Published 2013
  • Physics
  • The Astrophysical Journal
  • We analyze MOA-2010-BLG-311, a high magnification (A max > 600) microlensing event with complete data coverage over the peak, making it very sensitive to planetary signals. We fit this event with both a point lens and a two-body lens model and find that the two-body lens model is a better fit but with only Δχ2 ~ 80. The preferred mass ratio between the lens star and its companion is q = 10–3.7 ± 0.1, placing the candidate companion in the planetary regime. Despite the formal significance of the… CONTINUE READING

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