MMPI-2 scores of patients with insomnia.


Although the MMPI-2 has been employed since 1989, to date no study has been reported on its use with patients with insomnia. The MMPI-2 was administered to 104 insomnia patients. The T scores of all the MMPI-2 scales fell below the cut-off score of T = 65. Although the group profile was within the normal range, the percentages of patients who had MMPI-2 scores above T = 65 for each scale indicated that a substantial portion of the insomnia patients obtained elevated scores, particularly in the Hs, D, Hy, and Pt scales. Thus, the results suggest that many of the insomnia patients exhibit psychological distress and would benefit from brief psychological interventions, such as sleep hygiene education and relaxation training. In view of the large number of insomnia patients who obtained abnormal MMPI-2 scores, a psychological measure such as the MMPI-2 remains an important assessment tool in identifying insomnia patients who may need extensive psychotherapeutic intervention.

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