MMP9: a novel function in synaptic plasticity.

  title={MMP9: a novel function in synaptic plasticity.},
  author={Magdalena Dziembowska and Jakub Wlodarczyk},
  journal={The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology},
  volume={44 5},
Matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9), an extracellularly acting, Zn(2+)-dependent endopeptidase is a subject to complex regulation at the level of transcription, mRNA dendritic translocation, and local translation as well as protein activation, as it is released extracellularly in a latent, pro-form with the enzymatic site covered by a propeptide that has to be cleaved off to reveal the activity. In neurons, MMP-9 is present at the postsynaptic domains of excitatory synapses. Here, we review the… CONTINUE READING
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