MMP20 cleaves E-cadherin and influences ameloblast development.

  title={MMP20 cleaves E-cadherin and influences ameloblast development.},
  author={John D. Bartlett and Yasuo Yamakoshi and James P. Simmer and Antonio Nanci and C. I. Edvard Smith},
  journal={Cells, tissues, organs},
  volume={194 2-4},
Dental enamel development occurs in stages as observed by the changing morphology of the ameloblasts that are responsible for enamel formation. During the secretory stage of development, proteins including MMP20 are secreted into the enamel matrix. MMP20 is required for proper enamel formation as mutation of the Mmp20 gene causes autosomal recessive amelogenesis imperfecta. Here, we examined in detail the morphology of the Mmp20-null ameloblast cell layer. Intriguingly, we found that the Mmp20… CONTINUE READING
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