MMICs in the millimeter-wave regime

  title={MMICs in the millimeter-wave regime},
  author={Huei Wang and Kun-You Lin and Zuo-Min Tsai and Liang-Hung Lu and Hsin-Chia Lu and Chi-Hsueh Wang and Jeng-Han Tsai and Tian-Wei Huang and Yi-Cheng Lin},
  journal={IEEE Microwave Magazine},
On the basis of the current status of silicon based MMICs, it is possible to implement millimeter-wave SOC in silicon-based technologies that include the antenna, a medium-power amplifier, a transceiver, an LO (frequency synthesizer), and baseband circuits in a single chip. With certain interconnection schemes, such as flip-chip, to connect the chip to the substrate, it is also possible to integrate the best possible chips for a millimeter-wave communication system. Currently, CMOS is the best… CONTINUE READING