MLWave/kepler-mapper: 186f

  title={MLWave/kepler-mapper: 186f},
  author={Nathaniel Saul and Hendrik Jacob van Veen},

Topics from this paper

SFCM: A Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm of Extracting the Shape Information of Data
The SFCM algorithm can not only exhibit the same clustering ability as the Fuzzy C-Means but also reveal some relationships through visualizing the global shape of data supplied by the Mapper through output visualization in the topological sense and clustering stability. Expand
Fibres of Failure: Classifying errors in predictive processes
Fibres of Failure (FiFa) is described, a method to classify failure modes of predictive processes using the Mapper algorithm from Topological Data Analysis to build a graph model of input data stratified by prediction error. Expand
Topological Data Analysis for Genomics and Evolution: Topology in Biology
Biology has entered the age of Big Data. A technical revolution has transformed the field, and extracting meaningful information from large biological data sets is now a central methodologicalExpand
Topological data analysis to uncover the shape of immune responses during co-infection
To understand how the immune system evolves during the co-infection between viruses and bacteria, and the role of specific cytokines as contributing factors for these severe infections, TDA is used along with an extensive semi-unsupervised parameter value grid search, and k-nearest neighbour analysis. Expand