MITSuME--Multicolor Imaging Telescopes for Survey and Monstrous Explosions

  title={MITSuME--Multicolor Imaging Telescopes for Survey and Monstrous Explosions},
  author={Taro Kotani and Nobuyuki Kawai and Kenshi Yanagisawa and Jun-ichi Watanabe and Makoto Arimoto and Hideo Fukushima and Takashi Hattori and Motoko Inata and Hideyuki Izumiura and Jun Kataoka and Hisashi Koyano and Kaori Kubota and Daisuke Kuroda and M. Mori and Shogo Nagayama and Kouji Ohta and Teruyuki Okada and Kiichi Okita and Rie Sato and Yuuri Serino and Yasuhiro Shimizu and Takashi Shimokawabe and Motoko Suzuki and Hiroyuki Toda and Teruyo Ushiyama and Yoichi Yatsu and Atsumasa Yoshida and Michitoshi Yoshida},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics},
Development of MITSuME is reported. Two 50-cm optical telescopes have been built at Akeno in Yamanashi prefecture and at Okayama Astrophysical Observatory (OAO) in Okayama prefecture. Three CCD cameras for simultaneous g'RcIc photometry are to be mounted on each focal plane, covering a wide FOV of about 30" x 30". The limiting magnitude at V is fainter than 18. In addition to these two optical telescopes, a 91-cm IR telescope with a 1 deg x 1 deg field of view is being built at OAO, which… 

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