MIS Àuger Transistor

  title={MIS {\`A}uger Transistor},
  author={E. V. Ostroumova and A. A. Rogachev},
  journal={ESSDERC '96: Proceedings of the 26th European Solid State Device Research Conference},
In 1965 H.Kroemer suggested that the transistor which has a wide band gap emitter may have ¿ ≫1 because of the impact ionization by injected hot electrons. We realize it for the first time by using MIS-structure with a tunnel-transparent oxide layer (Al-SiO2-n-Si). The injected electrons receive a substantial part of their energy from heating during the passage above the self-consistent quantum well for holes in the silicon part of the transistor. The calculated I-V characteristics of the Auger… CONTINUE READING