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This paper reports on the fifth version of the Mixed Integer Programming Library. [] Key Method For the first time, we include scripts to run automated tests in a predefined way. Further, there is a solution checker to test the accuracy of provided solutions using exact arithmetic.

Solving Hard MIPLIB2003 Problems with ParaSCIP on Supercomputers: An Update

For the first time, computational results of single runs for two open MIPLIB2003 instances could be solved by ParaSCIP in more than ten consecutive runs, restarting from checkpointing files are presented.

Progress in presolving for mixed integer programming

Three presolving techniques for solving mixed integer programming problems (MIPs) that were implemented in the academic MIP solver SCIP are described and the computational results show that the combination of all three presolved techniques almost halves the solving time for the considered supply chain management problems.

Verifying Integer Programming Results

This paper proposes a certificate format designed with simplicity in mind, which is composed of a list of statements that can be sequentially verified using a limited number of inference rules, and extends the exact rational version of the MIP solver SCIP to produce such certificates.

The Ubiquity Generator Framework: 7 Years of Progress in Parallelizing Branch-and-Bound

ParaSCIP is the most successful parallel MILP solver in terms of solving previously unsolvable instances from the well-known benchmark instance set MIPLIB by using supercomputers.

Reconsidering Mixed Integer Programming and MIP-Based Hybrids for Scheduling

It is concluded that both MIP and CIP are technologies that should be considered along with CP for solving scheduling problems and two tightly coupled hybrid models based on constraint integer programming are formulated.

QPLIB: a library of quadratic programming instances

This paper proposes a simple taxonomy for QP instances leading to a systematic problem selection mechanism, and briefly survey the field of QP, giving an overview of theory, methods and solvers.

Solving Open MIP Instances with ParaSCIP on Supercomputers Using up to 80,000 Cores

The basic parallelization mechanism of ParaSCIP is described, improvements of the dynamic load balancing and novel techniques to exploit the power of parallelization for MIP solving are described.

The SCIP Optimization Suite 5.0

New features and enhanced algorithms made available in version 5.0 of the SCIP Optimization Suite, in particular for the LP solver SoPlex, the Steiner tree solver SCIP-Jack, the MISDP solverSCIP-SDP, and the parallelization framework UG are described.

MIPLIB 2017: data-driven compilation of the 6th mixed-integer programming library

For the first time, these sets were compiled using a data-driven selection process supported by the solution of a sequence of mixed integer optimization problems, which encode requirements on diversity and balancedness with respect to instance features and performance data.

Benchmarks for Current Linear and Mixed Integer Optimization Solvers

Computational performance of current optimization packages for solving large scale LP and MILP optimization problems is discussed and attractiveness for academic research is given.



ParaSCIP: A Parallel Extension of SCIP

ParaSCIP is presented, an extension of SCIP, which realizes a parallelization on a distributed memory computing environment and was able to solve two previously unsolved instances from MIPLIB2003, a standard test set library for MIP solvers.

Rapid mathematical programming

It is shown that today's MIP solvers are capable of solving the resulting mixed integer programs, leading to an approach that delivers results very quickly, and the modeling language Zimpl is introduced.

Performance Variability in Mixed-Integer Programming

This tutorial discusses the roots of performance variability, useful tips to recognize it are provided, and some severe misinterpretations that might be generated by not performing/analyzing benchmark results carefully are pointed out.

A Class of Hard Small 0-1 Programs

A class of 0–1 programs which, although innocent looking, is a challenge for existing solution methods, and two methods are examined: a group relaxation for 0,1 programs, and a sorting-based procedure following an idea of Wolsey.

An Exact Rational Mixed-Integer Programming Solver

This work presents an exact rational solver for mixed-integer linear programming that avoids the numerical inaccuracies inherent in the floating-point computations used by existing software and is incorporated into the SCIP optimization framework.

A hybrid branch-and-bound approach for exact rational mixed-integer programming

An exact rational solver for mixed-integer linear programming that avoids the numerical inaccuracies inherent in the floating-point computations used by existing software is presented and incorporated into the SCIP optimization framework.

A Computational Study of Search Strategies for Mixed Integer Programming

The goal of this article is to survey many of the results regarding branch-and-bound search strategies and evaluate them again in light of the other advances that have taken place over the years.

Experiments in mixed-integer linear programming

The heuristic rules for generating the tree, which are the main features of the method, are presented and numerous parameters allow the user for adjusting the search strategy to a given problem.

Solving Hard Mixed-Integer Programming Problems with Xpress-MP: A MIPLIB 2003 Case Study

This paper takes a look at some of the hardest problems in the MIPLIB 2003 test set and shows how Xpress-MP can be used to solve some the problems that were previously thought to be intractable.

An Updated Mixed Integer Programming Library: MIPLIB 3.0

An Up datedMixed Integer Programming LibraryMIPLIB Rob ert E BixbyDepartment of Computational and Applied MathematicsRice UniversityHouston TX CPLEX Optimization Inc, Sebastian Ceria, Cassandra M McZeal encourage researchers and practitioners in integer programming to submit realworld instances for consideration.