MIDI-LAB, a Powerful Visual Basic Program for Creating MIDI Music


Creating MIDI music can be a practical challenge. In the past, working with it was difficult and frustrating to all but the most accomplished and determined. Now, however, we are offering a powerful Visual Basic program called MIDI-LAB, that is easy to learn, and instantly rewarding to even the newest users. MIDILAB has been developed to give users the ability to quickly create music with a limitless variety of tunes, tempos, speeds, volumes, instruments, rhythms and major scales. This program has a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface, which provides a straightforward way to enter musical data with Numbered Musical Notation (NMN) and immediately create MIDI music. The key feature of this program is the digitalization of music input. It vastly simplifies creating, editing, and saving MIDI music. MIDI-LAB can be used virtually anywhere to write music for entertainment, teaching, computer games, and mobile phone ringtones.

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