MIC expression in renal and pancreatic allografts.

  title={MIC expression in renal and pancreatic allografts.},
  author={Kim G. Hankey and Cinthia B Drachenberg and John C. Papadimitriou and David K Klassen and Benjamin Philosophe and Steven T Bartlett and Veronika Groh and Thomas Spies and Dean L. Mann},
  volume={73 2},
BACKGROUND MHC class I chain-related antigen A (MICA) and MHC class I chain-related antigen B (MICB) are HLA class I related products of polymorphic MHC genes. Constitutive expression in normal tissue is limited to gut epithelium but can be induced in other epithelial cells by stress. Specific antibodies against MICA have been reported in the serum of patients who had rejected kidney allografts, suggesting a potential role for these molecules in transplant immunopathology. However, expression… CONTINUE READING


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