MIC and other NKG2D ligands: from none to too many.

  title={MIC and other NKG2D ligands: from none to too many.},
  author={Seiamak Bahram and Hidetoshi Inoko and Takashi Shiina and Mirjana Radosavljevic},
  journal={Current opinion in immunology},
  volume={17 5},
NKG2D, a prime activatory receptor on human NK, CD8(+) alphabeta and gammadelta cells, has a variety of ligands, which, despite sharing membership of the MHC class I structural club, display an array of unique features. Chronologically, human MIC molecules were the first NKG2D ligands to be identified. Then came RAET1 (ULBP) molecules, which were identified in both man and mouse, as well as H60 and MULT1, which have no counterparts in man to date. The question remains as to why, more than how… CONTINUE READING

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