MHD and deep mixing in evolved stars. 1. 2D and 3D analytical models for the AGB

  title={MHD and deep mixing in evolved stars. 1. 2D and 3D analytical models for the AGB},
  author={Maria Clara Nucci and Maurizio Busso},
The advection of thermonuclear ashes by magnetized domains emerging from near the Hshell was suggested to explain AGB star abundances. Here we verify this idea quantitatively through exact MHD models. Starting with a simple 2D geometry and in an inertia frame, we study plasma equilibria avoiding the complications of numerical simulations. We show that, below the convective envelope of an AGB star, variable magnetic fields induce a natural expansion, permitted by the almost ideal MHD conditions… 
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Magnetic-buoyancy-induced Mixing in AGB Stars: Presolar SiC Grains

Isotope ratios can be measured in presolar SiC grains from ancient asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars at permil-level (0.1%) precision. Such precise grain data permit derivation of more stringent



Lectures in Magnetohydrodynamics: With an Appendix on Extended MHD

Review of Scalars, Vectors, Tensors, and Dyads.- Mass Conservation and the Equation of Continuity.- The Equation of Motion.- Energy Flow.- The Electromagnetic Field.- Closures.- Conservation Laws.-

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