MG53 regulates membrane budding and exocytosis in muscle cells.

  title={MG53 regulates membrane budding and exocytosis in muscle cells.},
  author={Chuanxi Cai and Haruko Masumiya and Noah L Weisleder and Zui Pan and Miyuki Nishi and Shinji Komazaki and Hiroshi Takeshima and Jianjie Ma},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={284 5},
Membrane recycling and remodeling contribute to multiple cellular functions, including cell fusion events during myogenesis. We have identified a tripartite motif (TRIM72) family member protein named MG53 and defined its role in mediating the dynamic process of membrane fusion and exocytosis in striated muscle. MG53 is a muscle-specific protein that contains a TRIM motif at the amino terminus and a SPRY motif at the carboxyl terminus. Live cell imaging of green fluorescent protein-MG53 fusion… CONTINUE READING
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