MFEprimer-2.0: a fast thermodynamics-based program for checking PCR primer specificity

  title={MFEprimer-2.0: a fast thermodynamics-based program for checking PCR primer specificity},
  author={Wubin Qu and Yang Zhou and Yanchun Zhang and Yiming Lu and Xiaolei Wang and Dongsheng Zhao and Yi Yang and Chenggang Zhang},
  booktitle={Nucleic Acids Research},
Evaluating the specificity of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) primers is an essential step in PCR primer design. The MFEprimer-2.0 server allows users to check primer specificity against genomic DNA and messenger RNA/complementary DNA sequence databases quickly and easily. MFEprimer-2.0 uses a k-mer index algorithm to accelerate the search process for primer binding sites and uses thermodynamics to evaluate binding stability between each primer and its DNA template. Several important… CONTINUE READING
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