author={Heber Doust Curtis},
  journal={Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific},
  pages={13 - 13}
  • H. D. Curtis
  • Published 1 February 1911
  • Education
  • Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
The different processes which have been discovered for depositing a thin film of silver on glass are widely scattered in periodical' literature and laboratory manuals. Some of these processes are now rarely employed, and even for the more modern methods which have proved most uniformly successful, the experience of those who have had extensive practice in silvering large mirrors will without doubt be of assistance to the amateur. The manipulation has been described by some as very uncertain and… 

Synthesis of Highly Conductive, Uniformly Silver-Coated Carbon Nanofibers by Electroless Deposition.

This work tackled the specific problem of electroless deposition of silver on carbon nanofibers (CNFs) with the investigation of every step of the process, and identified a repeatable, reliable set of parameters allowing for a uniform and fully connected silver deposition on the surface of the CNFs.

Hybrid Carbon–Silver Nanofillers for Composite Coatings with Near Metallic Electrical Conductivity

Polymeric composite materials are now very well established in all areas of engineering and are still increasingly being used to replace metallic counterparts. As an important advantage, composite

Magic angle spinning NMR with metallized rotors as cylindrical microwave resonators

A metal coated rotor is presented as a first step towards an MAS resonator, expected to have a significant impact on developments in electron decoupling, pulsed dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP), room temperature DNP, DNP with low‐power microwave sources, and electron paramagnetic resonance detection.

Industrial Raman gas sensing for real-time system control

Opportunities exist to improve on-line process control in energy applications with a fast, non-destructive measurement of gas composition. Here, we demonstrate a Raman sensing system which is capable

Optical attenuation at the 1,550-nm wavelength in a reflective mode using electrochromic ruthenium complex film

Thin films of a dinuclear ruthenium complex have been prepared on a reflective electrode. The complex is redox-active in the near infrared spectral region. Electrochromic switching between the two

Synthesis of Functionalized Noble Metal Nanoparticles