METHODS Cloning of CLSP genes

  • Published 2011


For the CLSP1 cloning, a 1,054-bp DNA fragment was obtained using a set of sense and antisense primers (R411 & R412) and used as a probe to screen the cDNA library prepared from previtellogenic A. aegypti female mosquitoes. A total of five CLSP1 cDNA clones were obtained, the longest being 1,343 bp. Sequencing of this clone showed that it contained a 3’-UTR sequence, but lacked the 5’-UTR and six nucleotides of a predicted full open reading frame (ORF) (Supplementary information Fig. S1). Even 5’-RACE analysis failed to fully recover the 5’-UTR and missing ORF. However, PCR cloning and sequence analysis of the CLSP1 full-length ORF (Primers of R1058 &R996) confirmed the integrity of the CLSP1 gene annotation.

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