META/LISP: an interactive translator writing system

  title={META/LISP: an interactive translator writing system},
  author={Richard D. Jenks},
  journal={ACM Sigsam Bulletin},
  • Richard D. Jenks
  • Published in SIGS 1970
  • Computer Science
  • ACM Sigsam Bulletin
  • META/LISP is a general purpose translator writing system for IBM System/360 currently running on TSS, CP/CMS, and OS/360. The input to the system is a source program which simultaneously describes 1) the syntax of some input data to be translated and 2) algorithms which operate on the input data and a pushdown stack to accomplish a desired translation; the output of the system is a compiled program for translating that input data. In particular when the input data are statements of a higher… CONTINUE READING