MET amplification as a potential therapeutic target in gastric cancer

  title={MET amplification as a potential therapeutic target in gastric cancer},
  author={Hisato Kawakami and Isamu Okamoto and Tokuzo Arao and Wataru Okamoto and Kazuko Matsumoto and Hirokazu Taniguchi and Kiyoko Kuwata and Haruka Yamaguchi and Kazuto Nishio and Kazuhiko Nakagawa and Yasuhide Yamada},
Our aim was to investigate both the prevalence of MET amplification in gastric cancer as well as the potential of this genetic alteration to serve as a therapeutic target in gastric cancer. MET amplification was assessed by initial screening with a PCR-based copy number assay followed by confirmatory FISH analysis in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded specimens of gastric cancer obtained at surgery. The effects of MET tyrosine kinase inhibitors (MET-TKIs) in gastric cancer cells with or without… CONTINUE READING

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