MEPE, a new gene expressed in bone marrow and tumors causing osteomalacia.

  title={MEPE, a new gene expressed in bone marrow and tumors causing osteomalacia.},
  author={Peter S. N. Rowe and P A de Zoysa and Ruiping Dong and Huiqiu R. Wang and Kenneth E. White and Michael J. Econs and Claudine L. Oudet},
  volume={67 1},
Oncogenic hypophosphatemic osteomalacia (OHO) is characterized by a renal phosphate leak, hypophosphatemia, low-serum calcitriol (1,25-vitamin-D3), and abnormalities in skeletal mineralization. Resection of OHO tumors results in remission of the symptoms, and there is evidence that a circulating phosphaturic factor plays a role in the bone disease. This paper describes the characterization and cloning of a gene that is a candidate for the tumor-secreted phosphaturic factor. This new gene has… CONTINUE READING
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