MEMS-tunable vertical-cavity SOAs

  title={MEMS-tunable vertical-cavity SOAs},
  author={G D Cole and E. S. Bjorlin and Qi Chen and Chung-Yeung Chan and Shaomin Wu and C. S. Wang and N Jean Macdonald and J K Bowers},
  journal={IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics},
We present the signal gain, wavelength tuning characteristics, saturation properties, and noise figure (NF) of MEMS-based widely tunable vertical-cavity semiconductor optical amplifiers (VCSOAs) for various optical cavity designs, and we compare the theoretical results to data generated from a number of experimental devices. Using general Fabry-Pe/spl acute/rot relationships, it is possible to model both the wavelength tuning characteristics and the peak signal gain of tunable vertical-cavity… CONTINUE READING