MEKK 1 / JNK signaling stabilizes and activates p 53

  title={MEKK 1 / JNK signaling stabilizes and activates p 53},
  author={Serge Yu. Fuchs and VICTOR ADLER and Matthew R. Pincus and ZE’EV RONAI},
Activation of the tumor suppressor p53 by stress and damage stimuli often correlates with induction of stress kinases, Jun-NH2 kinase (JNK). As JNK association with p53 plays an important role in p53 stability, in the present study we have elucidated the relationship between the JNK-signaling pathway and p53 stability and activity. Expression of a constitutively active form of JNKK upstream kinase, mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase (DMEKK1), increased the level of the exogenously… CONTINUE READING