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  author={Dai Yu and Li Tai},
A species of polypore, Pachykytospora major G.Y. Zheng Z.S. Bi, was originally described from Guangdong Province, subtropical China. The genus of Pachykytospora Kotl. Pouzar is distinguished by resupinate basidiocarps, dimitic hyphal system with dextrinoid and cyanophilous hyphae, and especially by ornamented basidiospores, but unlike the species of the genus, P. major has smooth basidiospores. Characters of the species show that it is more closely related to Megasporoporia Ryvarden Wright, and… 
A new species of Megasporoporia (Polyporales, Basidiomycota) from China
Megasporoporia minuta is described as new from Guangxi Autonomous Region of southern China, and an illustrated description is supplied, and the relationships between the new species and related species are discussed.
Phylogeny of Megasporoporia s.lat. and related genera of Poyporaceae: New genera, new species and new combinations
Jorgewrightia and Mariorajchenbergia are described as new genera in the Polyporaceae based on phylogenetic analyses of four gene regions: nuc rDNA ITS1-5.8S-ITS (ITS) and partial Large Subunit (28S), Translation Elongation Factor 1-alpha (TEF1), and RNA polymerase II second largest subunit (RPB2), mostly from Brazilian material.
Taxonomy and phylogeny of the genus Megasporoporia and its related genera
Taxonomic and phylogenetic studies on Megasporoporia s.l. were carried out, and two new genera were established, and identification keys to the three genera are provided.
Phylogeny and diversity of Haploporus (Polyporaceae, Basidiomycota)
Abstract Four species of Haploporus, H.angustisporus, H.crassus, H.gilbertsonii and H.microsporus are described as new and H.pirongia is proposed as a new combination, based on morphological
Phylogenetic analysis demonstrating four new species in Megasporoporia sensu lato (Polyporales, Basidiomycota)
A comparison of main characteristics and an identification key of Megasporoporia sensu lato are provided and four new species are described based on materials from Australia, China and Malaysia.
Species diversity, taxonomy and phylogeny of Polyporaceae (Basidiomycota) in China
This monograph provides a revised classification of Polyporaceae in China according to the modern taxonomy and describes twelve new species, two new genera and six new combinations, which are proposed based on the Chinese collections.